About Bath Gardening Club   



"Digging it in Bath since 1990"

Bath Gardening Club is a volunteer organization with about 100 members. The aim of the club is to beautify the Village of Bath, to share gardening information with fellow gardeners and to promote an interest in and enjoyment of gardening and related activities.

The Bath Gardening Club is a not-for-profit branch of the Ontario Horticultural Association. We are a member of District 3 of the Association.

Our History
The Bath Gardening Club is located in the Historic Village of Bath, on the shores of Lake Ontario. It was founded in 1990 and became a member of the Ontario Horticultural Association in January of 2013 Read More…..

Past Presidents
The Bath Gardening Club has flourished and grown with the guidance and direction of our Presidents from founding to present. Our thanks and appreciation go out to them all. Read More…..

Our Executive
Members volunteer their time and energy in the running of our Club. Our Executive consists of seven volunteer members who are elected at our Annual Business Meeting in June. Read More…..

Our Constitution
All activities of our Society conform to the Agricultural and Horticultural Organizations Act R.S.O. 1990 and its regulations. Read More…..

Our Growing Zones
The main focus of our Website is education on and about the growing region in which we are located. Bath and its surrounding area are in zone 5b. Some of our members who live north of Bath may live in zone 5a to zone 4b. Read More...

Annual VincaOffical Flower - The Annual Vinca
The annual Vinca plant has been the official flower of the Bath Gardening Club since 1993. The Cora Punch variety is disease resistant to fungal blight, is heat and drought tolerant, and offers bountiful, five-petaled blooms that are attractive to butterflies. 

Barrel on Main StreetBarrels on Main Street
The barrels and planters on Main Street are looked after by Bath Gardening Club Volunteers. In the spring, members help to renew the soil, plant the annuals, and supervise the placement of the barrels by Loyalist Township workers. The plants are watered three times a week by a young person hired by the gardening club, who is responsible for fertilizing as well. He/ She will contact the Club if any problems are noted, with either the watering wagon or the barrels or planters. The barrels are collected by Loyalist Township after Thanksgiving, and placed on Loyalist Township property for the winter. The three planters at the park are permanent. A flower bed at the Food Market is also planted and maintained by the BGC.

Water WagonMain Street Water Wagon
The water wagon was built by Garth Dingman, and contains a water holder which is filled at the Township water tap, as well as at a residence of a generous Bath home owner. The young person who waters the plants in the barrels and planters, is responsible for maintaining the pump battery charge during both summer and winter months. The watering equipment and battery are stored at that person’s home, or responsible family member. The parts are: the pump, the water hoses, the water container, the watering wand, and a Lee Valley garden wagon on four wheels. (There is a similar wagon which was also built at the same time, for the Fairfield Gutzeit gardeners.)

Annual Plant SaleAnnual Plant & Fertilizer Sale
Bath Gardening Club & Horticultural Society holds a plant sale each spring in Centennial Park. This event has become our major fund raiser for the year. A volunteer committee of club members organizes and runs the event. Members of the club donate the plants - an excellent selection of annuals, perennials, seedlings, ready-to-go containers, dish gardens, herbs, vegetables, houseplants, good quality used garden paraphernalia and horticultural books/magazines - all for sale. Also available for sale, since 2010, is our special brand of fertilizer mix (Fritz Mix). The plant sale is open to all and gives everyone an opportunity to talk to club members who are active, successful gardeners in the Bath area. Our plant sale has become a very popular event and the majority of plants is sold out within the first few hours. It is a great way to expand the variety of plants in your garden at very reasonable costs. The plant sale is open to all, cash only, rain or shine. All proceeds go to our community beautification efforts.