Bath Gardening Club and Horticultural Society - Past Presidents

Past Presidents   



The Bath Gardening Club has flourished and grown with the guidance and direction of our Presidents from its founding to the present.

Our thanks and appreciation go out to all our Past Presidents for the outstanding contributions they have made to the growth and vitality of our Bath Gardening Club over the years:

Year President
1990-1991 Alex Wilson
1991-1999 Audrey Cowell
1999-2001 Rosemary Haynes
2001-2002 Erika Dilworth
2002-2005 Sally McCulloch
2005-2007 Alexandra Webb
2007-2009 Marilyn Dingman
2009-2010 Sally Golding
2010-2011 Kathryn ffolliott
2011-2012 Bill Bradford
2012-2014 Wendy O'Neill
2014-2016 Melanie Myers
2016-2017 Wendy O'Neill